Global Connectivity

Dalkom Somalia Global Connectivity services offer dedicated point-to-point bandwidth between customer sites, carrier Points of Presence (PoPs), data centres, internet exchanges and submarine cable landing stations anywhere on Dalkom Somalia’s global network. This network extends to more than 500 locations throughout 30 countries in Africa, and over 700 cities in 70 countries globally.

Leased Capacity

  • ideal for customers needing to spread their costs or those with uncertain or rapidly changing bandwidth requirements
  • a short- or long-term lease of capacity
  • flexible contract terms from one month up to 10 years
  • monthly or quarterly payments
  • one-off installation fee

Capacities up to and beyond STM64 (10Gbps) with customised technical solutions

  • lease and IRU terms
  • diversity options over a range of cable systems, including east+west coast
  • concatenated and channelised options
  • bundled local loop, backhaul & submarine capacity

Indefeasible Right of Use (IRU)

  • designed for carriers requiring the most cost-effective solution for long-term, assured bandwidth between specific locations
  • gives ownership of capacity on the WIOCC network
  • up to 20-year contract
  • a single up-front payment, plus a small annual maintenance charge
  • the most cost-effective way to purchase capacity