Managed National And International Capacity

We provide a reliable, point-to-point connectivity service for both service providers and business customers. The IPLC solution supports a wide range of bandwidth options and interfaces, from E-1 to STM-64. Dalkom Somalia’s Capacity provides high-quality, cost-effective and efficient communications. We offer both protected and unprotected service and diversity options provisioned over a facilities-based network with extensive reach.

Talk to us for the following bandwidth options

Indefeasible Right of Use (IRU)

  • designed for carriers requiring the most cost-effective solution for long-term, assured bandwidth between specific locations
  • gives ownership of capacity on the WIOCC network
  • up to 20-year contract
  • a single up-front payment, plus a small annual maintenance charge
  • the most cost-effective way to purchase capacity

Leased Capacity

  • ideal for customers needing to spread their costs or those with uncertain or rapidly changing bandwidth requirements
  • a short- or long-term lease of capacity
  • flexible contract terms from one month up to 10 years
  • monthly or quarterly payments
  • one-off installation fee

Commercial flexibility

  • lease and IRU terms