Connecting Somalia to the world

Worried about the security of your hardware and software? Worry no more! Are you a sophisticated and passionate about high-tech fundamental colo services? We have the solution for you.

Our Global Connectivity solution enables you access to your Data from offices across the world.Leading banks, multinationals and International NGOs enjoy our first class colocation services that Includes:


With Data Centers in Mogadishu, Nairobi and Dubai. Our colocation solution provides you Equipment racks i.e. Quarter, Half or Full Rack depending on your needs, fully backed-up electrical power, well maintained air conditioning system, fire suppression and more so physical Security.

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Colocation Features

  • Hardened, secure Internet Data Center
  • Redundant, highspeed Core DalkomSomalia network connection.
  • Facilities strategically located
  • 24x7 network connection monitoring
  • 24x7 secure, escort required facility access
  • Air-conditioned and humidity controlled environment
  • UPS and diesel generator building back-uppower
  • Off-load bandwidth requirements from current Internet connection